Quill to Quill is based on the characters of Joyce DiPastena's medieval novels. All material on Quill to Quill is copyrighted and may not be used without permission from the author.

Who's Who

Heléne de Bury, formerly Heléne de Laurant; wife of Hugh de Bury, Earl of Gunthar; born 1158, married 1176

Siriol (Siri) de Brielle, formerly Siriol de Calendri, born Siriol Geraud; 2nd wife of Sir Triston de Brielle; born 1156, married 1179

Clothilde de Brielle, formerly Clothilde de Merval, born Clothilde de Laurant; older sister of Heléne; 1st wife of Sir Triston de Brielle; born 1155, died in 1178

Triston de Brielle, husband of Siriol (Siri) de Brielle, b 1151

Perrin (Pierre) de Brielle, son of Triston and Clothilde de Brielle; born 1172

Etienne de Brielle, Triston de Brielle's younger brother, born 1157